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Salt Water Conversion

If you are considering salt water conversion for your swimming pool, let our experts help. This has become a popular alternative to regular pool water because it's low maintenance and this is what every homeowner wants when it comes to owning their own backyard oasis! A lot of homeowners might not know what is involved in this conversion, and that's perfectly understandable. That is why we are here to help! It can be a basic procedure if you are working with a professional pool company who knows what they are doing and years of experience in the industry - like us!

We offer the conversion service in these areas.

The Conversion Process

Step one is to choose the right salt chlorinator. These devices help to convert plain table salt into chlorine that can be used to sanitize your swimming pool. There are many reputable brands and products on the market, and we will be able to help you choose the best one for your pool's needs. The key to getting the right amount of chlorine in your pool is choosing the perfect size chlorinator. It's important to pick the right size because the system needs to be able to handle the chlorine needs of your pool. Certain things that raise the chlorine demand are: heat, direct sunlight, and inreased usage.

Step two is to figure out what kind of salt to use, and how much. Typically speaking, non-iodized salt will be used, and this is better known as table salt. As far as how much salt you will need - we can help you with this. It will depend on how many gallons your swimming pool is designed to hold. When adding salt to the water, we will be sure to add it evenly and use a brush to stir in the salt until it is properly dissolved.

Step three is to eliminate phosphates. This is the main food source for nasty algae that could grow in your pool. It can also act as a glue for other types of contaminants - making it stick to the floor and wall surfaces of your swimming pool. Phosphates can get into your pool through: body fluids, lawn fertilizers, chemicals, cleaners, decaying plants, rainwater, and from other various sources.

Step four is to maintain the swimming pool. Most salt devices will last between 3-5 years if they are properly maintained. Our team will be able to help you with the maintenance of your swimming pool throughout the years. We offer cleaning, repair, and maintenance services.

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