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Pool Maintenance

Keeping your swimming pool clean, functional, and healthy really isn't as hard as you think it is - especially with the help of our pool maintenance crew. They have years of combined experience in the business, and they know what it takes to keep your pool beautiful and sparkling clean. We realize that all pools are different, and this means that they all have their own unique maintenance and upkeep needs. They all do have one thing in common, however, and that's the fact that their health must be in pristine condition.

A lot of homeowners don't know step one when it comes to taking care of murky, dirty water or problems with broken pumps. That's where we can step in and help. We will be sure that the work we do is in accordance with your manufacturer's warranty. Also, we will be sure that we point out any problem areas that we notice that can be taken care of ahead of time before they turn into a disaster - i.e. a broken filtration pump.

When it comes to taking care of your swimming pool, there are a few things we recommend doing on your own. This includes skimming the pool's surface by hand every couple of days. This is an easy and fast way to keep the water clean, and it is a great way to get rid of floating debris - including leaves, bugs, seed pods, and so on. Skimming the water also helps to increase the pool's efficiency when it comes to its circulation system. Your circulation system will be attached to a strainer basket, and this can be cleaned out once a week to lower chlorine needs. This basket is usually located in the pool deck or on the side if it is an above ground pool.

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Pool Vacuuming and Brushing

At Dunman Pool and Spa, we can help you with the more complex work, such as pool vacuuming and brushing. Your swimming pool needs to have regular cleaning so that the water is kept clear, and it will reduce the need for so many cleaning supplies. There are many vacuums sold at home improvement stores, but they aren't as powerful and as effective as the system we use. We will be able to clean the surface of the walls and floor of your swimming pool. We will move back and forth over the tile - much like vacuuming a carpet. This helps to remove algae build-up and calcium deposits.

For tougher to remove stains or build-up, we will need to use a brush. The type of material your wall and floor surfaces are made of will determine what kind of brush we will use. A stiff brush is used on plaster-lined concrete pools, and a softer brush will be needed for vinyl or fiberglass styles.

Clean the Pool Filter

We can also clean the pool filter. There are three kinds of pool filters including cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. These three require different types of maintenance, but we will be able to work on whatever system you have installed. Cleaning the filter more often than what is needed may actually prevent the system from working like it should. This is why only a professional should take care of this work for you. We know how often to clean the filter, and how to do it. A sign that it's time to clean the filter would be when there is an increase in flow between the pressure gauge and the flow meter. When the difference reaches 10-15 pounds per square inch, that is when maintenance will be necessary.

Pool Heater Service

Our experts at Dunman Pool and Spa will be able to provide you with affordable pool heater service. This device will typically require the least amount of service and maintenance out of all the equipment installed. Gas heaters usually will only need work every couple of years, and electric ones may last even longer. Your manufacturer's manual should give you a time frame of when maintenance will be required for the heater. You shouldn't put it off for too long, however, because calcium scales can build-up inside and prevent water from getting heated properly. We can disassemble and clean the tubes to be sure everything is working like it should.

Maintaining the pH Level

We can also help you with maintaining the pH level of the water. The pH scale measures acidity or alkalinity, and runs between 0 to 14. You want your pool's reading to be between 7.2-7.8. You can monitor the levels on your own with testing kits, but if you notice that the water is too acidic, you need to contact us immediately.

Please call us today or contact us online to learn more about our pool maintenance services for your home.